Threats & Issues to Sri Lanka Muslims.

This is a bucket list of issues and threats against Sri Lanka Muslims. Among them are many that are very obvious, direct and self-explanatory to those others that are remote, indirect and may need to be linked.

The level of relevance of each item today can be spotted between waxing and waning range.

This list is not in a logical sequence. Whatever I was able to remember and recall were promptly noted:

1. Disinformation/Fake News
Fabricated news in the electronic, digital, print and social media is disseminated at will.

2. Only Muslim Names
Muslim suspects are promptly named in any news items. It was after several days, the name of the importer of the garbage containers was revealed. Fortunately It was not Imagine a Mohamed or Abdullah.

Also news involving Muslims grab headline or front page.

3. Travel Harassment
In public conveyance - bus, train, private transport etc. And also manhandled.

4. Denying Equal Public Services
At hospitals, clinics, ministries and public bodies.

5. Discrimination At Work Place
Forcing female Muslim staff to come without hijab.

6. Dismissal from work
Dismissing employees from work because he/she is a Muslim.

7. False Allegations
* Wilpatu against Hon. Rishard;
* Dr. Shafi;
* Batticaloa Sharia University
* Qatar funds Amana Bank
* Free Meals sterilizing pills
* Swords: mosques have them
* Madrasas teach terrorism

8. Trade Boycott
Stop patronizing Muslim businesses. Campaigns from the pansalas to even ex-Head of Chamber of Commerce.

9. Stop Selling/Renting
Stop selling or renting properties to Muslims. Also not renewing new lease contracts.

10. Deny/Cancel Trade Licence
** A Muslim trader was not allowed to occupy his usual business spot at a weekly pola.

** Similarly a Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman canceled the trading licence of selling spots of  Muslim traders. Subsequently a magistrate rescinded it.

11. Rule of Law
Not applying the full force & spirit of the law equally to all communities.

12. Destroying Muslim Businesses
Destroy Muslim business premises and goods by arson, looting.

13. Destroy Mosques
Destroying, damaging mosques, madrasas and religious books.

14. Security Checking
Extra checking of only Muslims. Not detailing Muslim parents for security duty at schools.

15. Refusing to Serve
From lawyers refusing to litigate on behalf of Muslim clients to cabs refusing to transport.

16. Law is An Ass
Injustice seems to have been done in the case of Chakra dress, Dr. Shafi etc.

17. Indoctrinating Children
Teaching Sinhalese children wrong things, ideas about Muslims. Muslims are taught as Devdutta.

18. Child Marriage & Birth
Muslims are always charged that a large percentage of girls below 15 are married off and it is same for those giving births.

Yes they are right but how many? 0.003% which is about same for others. Statistically this is insignificant. So it is only a myth.

19. Deny School Admission
This is a highly planned discrimination. Ananda College and Visakha take only one each every year. Mahanama not a single.

20. Muslim Refugees
Made a big raucous and made them go from frying pan to the fire. Specially those Rohingyas,and also refugees from other Muslim countries.

21. Muslim Dress Code
They want to dictate the dress code of the Muslims.

22. Excesses By Law Enforcement
Perhaps it maybe in 100s now but 1000s were locked up for unreasonable period of time without proper charges. While perpetrators were released promptly without applying emergency regulations.

23. What Sharia Law?
If they want one law for all then change,sanga neetiya, Kandyan, Thesavalamai also.

24. One Ministry For All Religions
Good provided each religion has a separate Secretary.

25. Madrasas are Unregulated
Though regulating madrasas seems good, we must ensure that we should not end up being manipulated.

26. Arabic Language
Why learn Arabic when living in Sri Lanka?

27. Purposeful News Blanket of Financial Assistance from Saudi
It was in the news that upto now Saudi Arabia has helped Sri Lanka to the tune of $540m. In comparison, this amount is about 25% of what China gave in tranches to Sri Lanka to secure the 99 year lease of Hambantota harbour.

27. Why Arabic Street Names?
Arabs came before English to Sri Lanka. Arabic is part of Muslim DNA. So is Chinese ok?

28. Date Palms
"Date palms" at Kattankudy. These trees were brought from Puttalam. So what's wrong?

29. Separate School for Muslims
That Sri Lanka has granted special kind of privilege to SL Muslims.

30. Muslims Are Unpatriotic
SL Muslims are not fully patriotic.

31. Historically Speaking
* Muslims destroyed Nalanda University?
*Muslims destroyed Bamiyan valley Buddha statute?.
*Islam conquered Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran.

32. Muslims Have Hidden Agenda
They have a fear that it is their lazy attitude that Muslims have taken over and aiming to go further.

33. Bribe their way
Muslims always bribe their way out of any regulation.

34. Pay Less Taxes
Another serious allegation is that Muslims don't pay their taxes properly.

35. Trade vs Population
Muslim's share of businesses must not be more than 12%.

36. Disunite Within
They appear to have a grand plan to disunite the Muslims between Wahabists and Salafists etc.

37. Behave Like A Majoritarian
Muslims have outlived their tolerance in that they all behave like majoritarians.

38. Unruly on the road
Muslims behave as if the whole road belong only to them.

39. Education & Threat
Muslims shifting to labour market from being entrepreneurs is looked at as a threat. And increase in Muslim education is considered the key. Eg. SAITM, new rules at Law College admission etc. to stem Muslim entry.

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