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Rathana Thera at Swiss cocktail party!!

Parliamentarian Athuraliye Rathana Thera has participated in a cocktail party hosted by the Swiss Ambassador in Sri Lanka to mark the Swiss National Day on 01 August2019, sources said.

The cocktail party was held at the official residence of the Swiss Ambassador at Kumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha. The Thera has arrived in the party as per invitation of the Ambassador.

Amidst the presence of tri forces commanders, Rathana Thera, seeing them, has hidden behind a flower bush, our source said.

No bhikku is called for preaching suutra, or commemoration of deceased relatives at a cocktail party; except to drink.

Several persons who had seen Rathana Thera attending the party had asked Swiss embassy officials why they had called a Buddhist monk. They laughed and replied that not all Buddhists were monks just because they were wearing yellow robes.

Anyone invited for a cocktail party is invited - because they are suitable people for a "cocktail party."

Rathana thera, a self-proclaimed patriot, from morning till evening, blames Western imperialists and their conspiracies, while burning the midnight oil violating fifth principle.

Learn people, open your eyes!

P.S - When asked by a devotee about the party, a few minutes ago, Rathana Thera stated that the party consisted of only red wine, white wine and beer.


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