‘Gamata Geyak - Ratata Hetak’ housing program commences tomorrow

The ‘Gamata Geyak - Ratata Hetak’ housing program to construct houses for low income families will be commenced on 1st February.Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa will inaugurate the program in Hiribawa in Kurunegala district.President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s policy manifesto "The Vision of Prosperity" guarantees to provide a comfortable house for every family to create a productive citizen and a happy family,
It has been proposed to commence the housing program 'Gamata Geyak - Ratata Hetak' from the beginning of the year 2020 itself, as an expedient sustainable development program to pave the way to achieve sustainable development goals through making every family of Sri Lanka to live in a comfortable home as enunciated in the policy statement 'A reconstructed Country with a Future'.
This program is due to be implemented Islandwide through community committees consisting of political leadership, public officials, civil security organizations and community at the rural level with the coordination of the political leadership and the public officials at the District and Divisional Secretariat level.Prime Minister in his capacity as the Minister of Urban Development, Water Supply & Housing Facilities has received the cabinet approval to secure the provision required, to construct 14,022 houses.
One poor family from every Grama Niladhari Division selected on priority will be provided a grant of Rs.600,000 in installments on the basis of the construction progress of a house constructed anew or for upgrading. The project should be completed within 60 days. The Ministry of Housing has allocated Rs. 8.413 billion for this project.
The beneficiaries will be selected by a committee consisting of local political representatives, Grama Niladharis, Samurdhi Development Officers, Development Officers, Family Health Officers and the members of the rural community.More attention has been paid to provide housing for families headed by low income women and families with disabled or chronically-ill family members.

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